Chokeberry juice BIO premium (NFC)

Chokeberry juice BIO premium (NFC)

Are you looking for a natural chokeberry juice? You have found the right place! Chokeberry juice BIO premium (NFC) produced by Korab Garden is a product distinguished by the highest quality on the chokeberry juice market. Chokeberry juices pressed by Korab Garden have earned the name of premium products thanks to the many procedures that go into making the final product. Pressed chokeberry juices are natural, contain 100% juice without any additives and are squeezed from whole chokeberry fruits at low temperature. The company produces its juice from chokeberry growing on its own organic farms, which is confirmed by a number of certificates.

When you choose Korab Garden chokeberry juice BIO premium (NFC), you get a product with guaranteed quality.

Why choose Korab Garden chokeberry juice?

NFC - natural chokeberry juice

Chokeberry juice produced by Korab Garden is made by pressing whole chokeberry fruits at low temperature, no water is added to the juice, which is indicated by the NFC (not for concentrate) label.

BIO/Organic certificate for chokeberry juice

Korab Garden has the BIO/Organic certificate for our chokeberry juice. This certificate is recognized in all European countries, Asia and North America.

Chokeberry juice without additives

Chokeberry juice produced by our company contains no sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. The juice production is based only on chokeberry fruits.

Own plantation for the production of chokeberry juice

Korab Garden has its own chokeberry plantation in one of the cleanest regions in Europe and has been supplying chokeberry fruits for the best juices for over 20 years.

Chokeberry juice with quality marks

Korab Garden's chokeberry juices have a number of quality marks: Polish Product, ekolistek, Certified Product (CP) as well as the Association “Polska Ekologia” and the Institute of Horticulture INHORT.

Maximum health and nutritional value

Many years of experience in pressing chokeberry juices have allowed for developing an innovative production technology that preserves the maximum health and nutritional value of the fruit.

Beneficial effects

Chokeberry juice was already used by our parents and grandparents because of its beneficial effects. It is good to drink chokeberry juice all year round, not only to protect ourselves during periods of decreased immunity, but also to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis. Chokeberry juice without sugar has not only a unique taste, but also an inviting color. It can be drunk both chilled in the summer and warmed on frosty evenings. Chokeberry can also be found in the form of jams, jellies and preserves.

Why chokeberry?

  • Chokeberry contains an unusually high content of anthocyanins, which reduce oxidative stress in the body (these are ANTIOXIDANTS).
  • It is an excellent fruit for active people who care about their health, eat right and live in harmony with nature.
  • Anthocyanins, tannins, phenolic acids contained in chokeberry have strong antioxidant properties. They can protect against atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. They lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • The juice has a high content of potassium and manganese. Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure, while manganese helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • Our fruit is unique - it comes from a variety called Korab - we've grown it ourselves over the years and we are the only ones who grow it. We are proud of that.
  • We squeeze the juices ourselves from the whole fruit, cold-pressed, so that all the best remains in the juices. We bottle and package it ourselves.
  • So we give you 100% certainty of 100% health and 100% taste of the fruit.