Blackcurrant juice BIO premium (NFC)

Blackcurrant juice BIO premium (NFC)

Are you looking for real blackcurrant juice? You have found the right place! Blackcurrant juice BIO premium (NFC) produced in Korab Garden is undoubtedly a product of the highest quality on the juice market. The fact that blackcurrant juices squeezed by Korab Garden are premium products is proved by many things.

Currant juices produced by the company come from their own organic cultivation, are pressed at low temperature from whole fruits. Squeezed blackcurrant juices are 100% natural without any additives and have a number of certificates.

Choosing blackcurrant juice BIO premium (NFC) by Korab Garden brand, you get a product with guaranteed quality.

Why choose Korab Garden blackcurrant juice?

Blackcurrant juice with BIO/Organic certification

The blackcurrant juices bottled by Korab Garden are certified BIO/Organic - recognized throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Natural black currant juice NFC

 Blackcurrant juice produced by Korab Garden is labeled NFC (not for concentrate), which means that the fruits have been squeezed whole at low temperature and no water has been added to the juice.

Quality marks of blackcurrant juice

Korab Garden's blackcurrant juices have a number of quality marks: Polish Product, ekolistek, Certified Product (CP) as well as the Association “Polska Ekologia” and the Institute of Horticulture INHORT.

Blackcurrant juice from own plantations

Korab Garden since 1990 has its own organic cultivation in the cleanest region of Europe, our juices are produced from these plantations.

Blackcurrant juice without any additives

Korab Garden for the production of blackcurrant juices does not use sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. The juice is made only from blackcurrant fruit.

Maximum nutritional and health benefits of blackcurrants

Thanks to many years of experience, the company has developed an innovative production technology that allows to preserve the maximum nutritional and health values of the fruit.

Blackcurrant juice contains a huge dose of vitamin C

Blackcurrant juice is not only a delicacy, but also a very beneficial drink. Blackcurrant juice contains a huge dose of vitamin C. We often mistakenly think that citrus fruits have the highest amount of it. It is hard to imagine, but just 100 grams of this fruit allows you to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C in 258%! Vitamin C helps in the case of a cold and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.