Polish ecological cultivation in the purest region of Europe

Korab Garden is a Polish family company located in the eastern part of Poland near Lublin, in a region considered to be the cleanest in Europe. Our plantations are located in the surroundings of Kozłowiec Landscape Park and water reservoirs inhabited by numerous protected bird species, in the areas covered by Natura 2000 program, which protects the natural environment from pollution and industry.

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Korab Garden ecological cultivation

Since 1990, we have been dealing with the ecological cultivation

Since 1990, we have been dealing with the ecological cultivation

Since 1990, we have been dealing with the ecological cultivation of chokeberry and blackcurrant. Our crops are extremely productive and produce excellent quality fruit thanks to over 20 years of selecting the best plants. Thanks to this, we offer the fruit of the highest quality, which can meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Chokeberry fruits come from our selected Korab variety and are characterized by exceptionally intense color and taste. These fruits have proven to have the highest content of antioxidants, which makes them one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

Anthocyanins contained in dark berries protect the body from many dangerous diseases, help to maintain proper blood pressure, protect against cholesterol accumulation in blood vessels, reduce the risk of cancer, delay the effects of aging, prevent diabetes and support its treatment.

Own fruit processing plant

Since 2011, we have been specializing in the processing of fruits such as chokeberry, black currant, apple and buckthorn in BIO/Organic version from our own raw material and purchased from other certified growers. We have our own fruit processing plant: a cold store, a sorting plant, a washing plant, a packaging plant and a production line for making and bottling NFC juices, i.e. juices of the highest quality made by pressing whole fruits, thanks to which the health-promoting properties of the fruit are preserved.

Currently, the company is constantly developing. In cooperation with scientific institutes, such as Medical University in Warsaw, Life Sciences University in Lublin and Horticultural Institute InHort in Skierniewice, new recipes have been created and are still being developed.

All our products have BIO / Organic certificate honored all over Europe, Asia and North America. We produce Premium Plus class products, marked with the sign POLISH PRODUCT, EKOLISTEK, logo of the Association “Polska Ekologia” and logo of Horticultural Institute INHORT. The products are primarily dedicated to people who want to consciously take care of their health and be in good shape.

Group of Berry

Our company Korab Garden forms a Group of Berry Producers, so we can offer a wide range of products and we have the material base for large contracts.

We produce 1,500 t of BIO chokeberry (and 500 t of conventional fruit) annually. Our blackcurrant production doubles these numbers.


Own fruit processing plant

In figures

The number of bottles that can be filled with the juice made from the fruit:

  • 1,050,000 liters of NFC juice from BIO Chokeberry, which is 4,200,000 bottles (250 ml) and fills 116 shipping containers;
  • 3,500,000 liters of conventional chokeberry juice, which equals 14,000,000 bottles (250 ml) and fills 389 shipping containers
  • The same quantities apply for blackcurrants
  • Cold storage capacity is 1000 t.